Tips On Loans For The Unemployed

It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult life situations: Unemployment! Especially in financial terms, unemployment does not only mean a general restriction, but also in terms of the possibility of further, even if only temporary, financial bottlenecks to take out a loan. As a rule, banks do not grant loans to the unemployed – […]

Proof Of Income – Important Basis For Your Loan Application

Anyone who wants to take out a loan and is concerned with the conditions for granting a loan usually comes across the proof of income. But apart from the normal payroll accounting, what is actually regarded as such a proof of income? And why is it so important for the bank granting the loan? Anyone […]

Loan As A Debt Trap? What Are The Dangers Of Borrowing

50 % discount on the washing machine, 20 % on car purchases, Black Friday – the consumer world beckons with new bargains almost daily and thus fuels consumption. And those who are short of money and still want to take advantage of such bargains can take advantage of one of the numerous credit offers at […]

Five Ways To Borrow Money In The Short Term

For a variety of reasons, it can happen that you need a short-term loan. We present five different ways of borrowing money in the short term and show you what you need to consider. How you can borrow money instantly. A recent study by the UK credit investigation agency showed that Britains have their finances […]